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It does not begin unless I break it. Because I break it, I begin it.

We are makers specialized in a crusher located in Osaka, JAPAN. We have been continuing for 60 years or more.
We invest aggressively in the new product development and the selling activity, and are aiming at the business expansion.
In late years technology and experience to break a particularly hard thing grow, and rare metal relations, various ceramics glass, fusion slag plays an active part in the various uses of the article for environment recycling connection.


Company Name Maekawa Kogyosho Co., Ltd.
Head office
7-2 Shindennakamachi, Daito-shi, Osaka,574-0056, Japan.
TEL: +81-72-872-7321
FAX: +81-72-873-5474
Founded 1946
Capital JPY 99,168,000
Shareholders Nikko Co., Ltd. (First section of the TSE, 6306)
100% shareholder
Description of business ●Production sale of crush plant
●Production sale of a crusher
・Roll breaker(Double roll crusher)
・Fine jaw crusher
・Hammer crusher
・Primary crusher(Waste concrete, Asphalt concrete use)
●Production sale of a vibration sieve (screen)
●Production sale of various industrial machines and lease business
●The machine appliance establishment construction work
●Intermediation / buying and selling of a used machine


7-2 Shindennakamachi, Daito-shi, Osaka,574-0056, Japan

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Roll breaker

Roll breaker [Model: RBT]

The roll breaker of Maekawa is a double roll crusher to crush with two rolls. This machine has the excellent feature that the other companies doesn't have. And, this machine becomes famous for the name of “roll breaker”. This roll breaker is suitable for crushing a hard raw material for the 2nd and the 3rd. In addition, this roll breaker has 1000 production results or more in the world.

The suggestion of the use

Glass , Ceramics, Pottery , Various alloy iron, Rare metal relations , Roof tile, Bricks, Abrasives, Burned products , Blast furnace slag, Ash melting slag , Rock, Gravel, Feldspar, Pottery stone, Ore , Coal, Cokes, Limestone, etc

The good point of the roll breaker
  • The maintenance cost is few.
  • The ratio of the powder is few, and it becomes complete in a target granularity.
  • Low noise and low vibration
  • A strong, severe use is endured.

hammer crusher

hammer crusher [Model: HCB]

Maekawa's hammer crusher is strongly designed.
Ratio of size reduction is big. So this machine is used in various industries.

Mechanism of the crush

The hammer rotates at high speed, collides with the material, and crushes.
The screen bar is arranged in the lower side. The material is crushed until passing there. Moreover, the thing used without arranging the screen bar can be done when there are a lot of impurities.

The good point of the hammer crusher
  • Ratio of size reduction is big.
  • A cost of equipment is cheap in comparison with the ability for crushing.
  • This machine can freely choose the range of the product grain of the crushing material.
  • This mechanism is simple, and there is little trouble.

Fine jaw crusher

Fine jaw crusher [Model: SC , SCL]

This machine is used as the first crushing in various industries. The structure and the use of this machine are easy. Maekawa's jaw crusher has a strong, high performance, and there are 1700 production results or more.

The suggestion of the use

Molten slag , Abolished concrete , Glass , ALC(Foaming lightweight concrete) , Ceramics , Rubble , Ceramics , Coal, coke , An ore for chemical raw materials , Limestone , mineral of ironworks , A brick, tiles , Ferrosilicon rare metal-related and Industrial waste of the hard system .

The good point of the Fine jaw crusher
  • Type of single toggle. The supply of the material is smooth.
  • This machine is made of cast steel made in Japan, and the single-piece construction. Therefore, it is strong.
  • A strong design is done, and there are a lot of results to crush a very hard material.
  • It is possible to adjust it easily because there is original Maekawa's regulatory mechanism.
  • The bearing for a high load is adopted.
  • Mechanism is simple, and there is little trouble.

miniature uneven surface roll crusher

Roll crusher with teeth [Model: DRG]

This machine surely crushes the material with teeth of the zigzag alignment.

up of teeth

The good point of the Roll crusher with teeth
  • Two rolls with teeth rotate according to the same timing.
  • The top point of the roll with teeth has processed the abrasion proof.
  • The gap of the roll has three spec of “-5mm”, 0mm, and “+5mm”.
  • It is a strong machine because of the all-in-one design frame of cast steel.
  • The compact machine with geared motor.
  • Because there are the medium size of the strong type, the results of the jumbo jet, please refer.

single roll crusher

single roll crusher [Model: SR]

This machine is comparatively the best for crushing a soft material of coal, cokes, and limestone, etc. 
Recently, this machine is used well for crushing the incineration ash.

A good point of the single roll crusher
  • The structure is simple, and maintenance is easy.
  • I can choose the shape of the tooth of the projecting tooth roll among various inside depending on a crush purpose.
  • After it crushes, granularity 30-40mm is the best.

double roll disintegrator

Primary crusher

We originally develop the first title machine in 1989, and receive a fevoreble reception by the performance and strength. I develop unit No. 1 originally in 1989 and have a favorable reception in the performance and toughness to date. We restyled and achieved compact and the low price.

The good point of Primary crusher
  • Strong structure that severe use can be endured
  • The simple structure that is maintenance-saving.
  • This machine regulates top size surely by increasing the number of the teeth overwhelmingly.

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